John, Welcome to the CyberHoot website. I'm Al the Cyber Security knowledge Owl hoot hoot who oversees our videos training. Here you can learn all about the "things you didn't know, you didn't know" with respect to Cyber Security. You were brought here because CyberHoot signed you up for a Cyber Security Awareness Training and you have a video to watch, quiz to pass, and eSignature to give. So, Cyber Al would ask that you watch the video here, take the quiz and, if you pass the quiz, eSign your name by typing it exactly as shown into the acknowledgement window and then clicking the "I Accept" box that changed color. Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to the person below: Jane Smith, Thank you, Cyber Al, the Cyber Awareness Owl PS: This video link you received in email is unique to you. Please do not share it with anyone else. It becomes invalid once you complete this process.

In order to meet acceptance requirements, you must complete the quiz with a minimum score of 80.0%.